Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Years Baby Steps

I am stretching outside of my blogging knowledge. Hopefully this works!

This is a video I made for the Incredigirls Small group this fall! There are a couple things I really enjoy about this video. (I am no where near the Woodcrest quality of videos...this is just simple ol' me making it on my computer)

First, this song I play over and over in my car! It is a called "Namesake" by Shane and Shane. It is very inspiring to me!

Secondly, this video we used to represent God's view on us. Although we often feel like God becomes disappointed with our continual mess ups and falls...but really I believe God looks at us much like parents look at their children learning to walk. Parents are not quick to criticize their learning and unstable children, rather they are quick to grab the camera and cheer their kiddos on to take the next step. It isn't the falls that our parents keep track of but the steps we have attained. What a gracious and loving Father we have that He sees our falls as another chance to get up and walk to Him. I hope 2008 will be a year where I will be more gracious to myself about where I need to grow and become better at encouraging those around me to take the next step they feel like God is calling them to!


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LaurieJo said...

Great video, BylerBabe! I also love the thought behind it, although it is hard to remember at times that I'm really the only one highlighting my failures. :)

CrazyDeb said...

You are wise beyond your years BB! I love how you put this and need to remember it when concentrating on my failures.