Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Domestic Diva

Yesterday I had to have a physical while having at 12hour fast. The physical was at 1045am, so that is a long time without eating. I decided to make a roast for our feasting after our fasting. It sounded like a great idea Tuesday morning, but cutting up food when you are not supposed to a hard task. But I was able to hold off. Then coming home around 2 and smelling the roast in the house was extremely hard (it said, "Don't lift the lid for 8 hours...ha!). I barracked myself in the bedroom after having a large lunch waiting for the time to pass. By 5:30 I was gnawing on my own arm! Marshall, Brad, Audra and B boy came over and by 6:30 nothing was left of the pot roast! Man, it was yummy! I should use my crock pot more often!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

busy, flaky or dead??

So, I am NOT dead and try not to be flaky...but have been VERY, VERY busy!! So sorry to my peeps for leaving the blogspot behind! No promises about the future blogging, but hopefully things will (but very doubtful) be slightly slower the next three months.

Marshall and I have been enjoying our time together. Last weekend we were able to mop the floor with the Patty's in Pictionary. Luckily, my husband is able to read my mind 30% of the time and pull off a win! Marshall has been into Guitar Hero lately. I will come home and he will be in his suit and tie jamming out and in total concentration. I actually don't mind watching him, it makes me laugh! Off for lunch...I will try to update more often. Sorry Household, EE and even alpha dude!