Thursday, January 3, 2008

Great Times with my Great Man!

So today was a day of celebrating Marshall! He is changing careers and will be starting a new one with Northwestern Mutual. He took his big tests today and has been preparing for a couple of weeks while still working 40hrs/week with Sprint, volunteering with the youth and celebrating Christmas. Only 30% of people taking the test pass it the first time...and even while passing is by the skin of their teeth...well not my brillant husband...he got a 91%. We are all so proud! So I contacted the fam and we made plans for the surprise dinner. First we went to the mall to go shopping (the rest of that story will come later) and then I mention, "I am starting to get hungry...I think I can't shop anymore." "Well, Lynne, do you want to eat here?" "No, babe, I was thinking Mac Grill." "Really? That is kind of fancy. Are you sure?" "Yeah that would be fun" "Ok. Should we go home and change first?" "Nah, lets just go" Little did he know our family was there waiting for him (my mom, dad, bro, sister-in-law and braeden). Marshall parks next to Audra but doesn't seem to notice it is her car. Then we walk in. They are standing at the door but he still doesn't notice...then his faces gets very strange..."What the?!" Was the look...then he realizes he was dooped.
We had a great dinner and a wonderful celebration with Marshall.
But the real story was in the middle of all of this. Marshall wants a new wool coat for work. We found a great deal at JCPenny but "can I wear a black coat with a brown outfit?" We decide we may look for another coat when the season is over and maybe we could get another sweet deal. Off to Gap to appease my desire to spend some of my Christmas money. I pick out a sweet new outfit (including shoes and all on favorite!) Marshall walks over and gasps "Lynne, a brown, wool trench coat on is $ is a womans...I am going to the dressing room and trying it on." I am laughing out loud and encourage him to try it on. The first coat was a size large and he came out of the dressing room disappointed...luckily his wonderful wife found an XL. He tries the coat on sneakily in the dressing room. The entire time I am giggling. We decide, for that great buy....why not give it a try! husband gave the coat back to me to "buy". I love that my husband loves laughing at life! As soon as he tried on his awesome find, I said....I am blogging about this! Thank you for being willing to be my material babe! Besides the pink lining...does it look like a womans coat? (jk about the lining)


EE said...

I am laughing my butt off at this one. Marshall is definitely secure in his masculinity!!!!
Great post!

CrazyDeb said...

I'm going to face it - I know who you and Marshall are but really don't know you but have to admit - love you to pieces! This is a GREAT blog. First, CONGRATULATIONS on doing so well on the test!! Now the coat - I laughed out loud. My only suggestion would be to have someone make buttonholes on the other side then it will button like a man's coat not a woman's. Since it's double breasted it should work just fine.

You guys brighten my days!!!

Household Executive said...

i am so glad you all celebrated! way to go marshall!

what a deal! that is cracking me up that he got that coat!

LaurieJo said...

Love the coat! Not judging at I sit here in my boys XL pants. A deal is a deal!!