Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Domestic Diva

Yesterday I had to have a physical while having at 12hour fast. The physical was at 1045am, so that is a long time without eating. I decided to make a roast for our feasting after our fasting. It sounded like a great idea Tuesday morning, but cutting up food when you are not supposed to a hard task. But I was able to hold off. Then coming home around 2 and smelling the roast in the house was extremely hard (it said, "Don't lift the lid for 8 hours...ha!). I barracked myself in the bedroom after having a large lunch waiting for the time to pass. By 5:30 I was gnawing on my own arm! Marshall, Brad, Audra and B boy came over and by 6:30 nothing was left of the pot roast! Man, it was yummy! I should use my crock pot more often!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

busy, flaky or dead??

So, I am NOT dead and try not to be flaky...but have been VERY, VERY busy!! So sorry to my peeps for leaving the blogspot behind! No promises about the future blogging, but hopefully things will (but very doubtful) be slightly slower the next three months.

Marshall and I have been enjoying our time together. Last weekend we were able to mop the floor with the Patty's in Pictionary. Luckily, my husband is able to read my mind 30% of the time and pull off a win! Marshall has been into Guitar Hero lately. I will come home and he will be in his suit and tie jamming out and in total concentration. I actually don't mind watching him, it makes me laugh! Off for lunch...I will try to update more often. Sorry Household, EE and even alpha dude!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


So, I have been a "single" wife for awhile (haven't seen hubby for a week and half). MB is in STL for the second week in a row...he had the computer for the first week...home alone and computer less is painful! I just got back from a ski trip to Colorado with the youth group. Every time I go I get altitude tooties....or what I call...altitooties. I found this website and thought some of the cards were pretty funny...some are inapprop don't blame me! Heading up to STL to see MB tonight and then he will be home Friday till Sunday. I am ready for a real work schedule to start and our "normal" routine to take hold! Have a great Tuesday!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Christmas Story already in 2008???

It seems like my best happenings in the day happen at the Columbia Mall...
Today Marshall and I went out to exchange sizes (not on the coat though my friends...that one is a keeper and thanks to CDeb, I may make it an official men's coat...) While walking past Victoria's Secret I noticed a scene that I have only seen in the movies...a young boy about the age of 2 or standing next to a vixen of a manikin...she is "dressed" in black see through "bra", small unders (as we call them in the Byler house...the word "panties" makes me squirm a bit) and stockings...all black of course to match...(did I mention she was like 6 feet and perfectly proportioned...I am sure my hubby would argue against that...right babe!) and this little guy someday a young standing at her knees caressing her legs and walking around her like a masterpiece...I didn't see a mom around (probably head first in the semi-annual sale...which I tried to take part in...but too much crazy in the air and I had to leave before I was too was engulfed by its sale crazed power) and this boy was getting quite the anatomy lesson...I couldn't help to think of the movie Christmas Story...and the power the leg lamp had on an entire family!

If you are interested in leg purchases I have made your shopping easy:

Now, let me be fair...on the way out of JCPenny, Marshall noticed a male manikin that seemed to be extremely cold through his thick sweater...i better filter myself

....enjoy the warm neighbor is wanting us to take our lights down before Valentines maybe I will have a funny story of Marshall falling off the roof tomorrow!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Great Times with my Great Man!

So today was a day of celebrating Marshall! He is changing careers and will be starting a new one with Northwestern Mutual. He took his big tests today and has been preparing for a couple of weeks while still working 40hrs/week with Sprint, volunteering with the youth and celebrating Christmas. Only 30% of people taking the test pass it the first time...and even while passing is by the skin of their teeth...well not my brillant husband...he got a 91%. We are all so proud! So I contacted the fam and we made plans for the surprise dinner. First we went to the mall to go shopping (the rest of that story will come later) and then I mention, "I am starting to get hungry...I think I can't shop anymore." "Well, Lynne, do you want to eat here?" "No, babe, I was thinking Mac Grill." "Really? That is kind of fancy. Are you sure?" "Yeah that would be fun" "Ok. Should we go home and change first?" "Nah, lets just go" Little did he know our family was there waiting for him (my mom, dad, bro, sister-in-law and braeden). Marshall parks next to Audra but doesn't seem to notice it is her car. Then we walk in. They are standing at the door but he still doesn't notice...then his faces gets very strange..."What the?!" Was the look...then he realizes he was dooped.
We had a great dinner and a wonderful celebration with Marshall.
But the real story was in the middle of all of this. Marshall wants a new wool coat for work. We found a great deal at JCPenny but "can I wear a black coat with a brown outfit?" We decide we may look for another coat when the season is over and maybe we could get another sweet deal. Off to Gap to appease my desire to spend some of my Christmas money. I pick out a sweet new outfit (including shoes and all on favorite!) Marshall walks over and gasps "Lynne, a brown, wool trench coat on is $ is a womans...I am going to the dressing room and trying it on." I am laughing out loud and encourage him to try it on. The first coat was a size large and he came out of the dressing room disappointed...luckily his wonderful wife found an XL. He tries the coat on sneakily in the dressing room. The entire time I am giggling. We decide, for that great buy....why not give it a try! husband gave the coat back to me to "buy". I love that my husband loves laughing at life! As soon as he tried on his awesome find, I said....I am blogging about this! Thank you for being willing to be my material babe! Besides the pink lining...does it look like a womans coat? (jk about the lining)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Years Baby Steps

I am stretching outside of my blogging knowledge. Hopefully this works!

This is a video I made for the Incredigirls Small group this fall! There are a couple things I really enjoy about this video. (I am no where near the Woodcrest quality of videos...this is just simple ol' me making it on my computer)

First, this song I play over and over in my car! It is a called "Namesake" by Shane and Shane. It is very inspiring to me!

Secondly, this video we used to represent God's view on us. Although we often feel like God becomes disappointed with our continual mess ups and falls...but really I believe God looks at us much like parents look at their children learning to walk. Parents are not quick to criticize their learning and unstable children, rather they are quick to grab the camera and cheer their kiddos on to take the next step. It isn't the falls that our parents keep track of but the steps we have attained. What a gracious and loving Father we have that He sees our falls as another chance to get up and walk to Him. I hope 2008 will be a year where I will be more gracious to myself about where I need to grow and become better at encouraging those around me to take the next step they feel like God is calling them to!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Time is now

So the time has come for me to post another! My husband likes to remind me every morning that I haven't blogged in awhile. To appease my man and the crowds of people shouting out my window for it is!
We had a very busy Christmas...lots of traveling...lots of families/friends to visit...and lots of fun! One of my gifts this year was a pair of ug boots...too bad they were two right feet. Marshall and I went to the mall the day after Christmas...yikes!
Marshall got a new game from my bro this year called "Playground" for the wii. It has been so much fun watching him duck, dive and dodge on the Dodgeball section of the game. The playground game is filled with all games we have played on the playground at school (tetherball, wallball, dart guns, paper airplanes etc) We can't wait for championship round tonight. Girls vs. should be entertaining! Ok, well I am not going to edit this bad boy or even read it over...just posting to get the stress of blogging out of the way! ;)

p.s. SOo much fun to read all of the dream jobs everyone had! I wish there was an easy way to respond to all of the fun and unique ideas everyone had! Now for my next question: Do you have any unique family traditions? My family on Easter will make bunny holes out of clothes so the Easter bunny can bury in and give great gifts...i just made up the explaination...but it is a fun tradition to run upstairs and find clothes that make the biggest and best hole! Have a warm Sunday!