Friday, January 4, 2008

Christmas Story already in 2008???

It seems like my best happenings in the day happen at the Columbia Mall...
Today Marshall and I went out to exchange sizes (not on the coat though my friends...that one is a keeper and thanks to CDeb, I may make it an official men's coat...) While walking past Victoria's Secret I noticed a scene that I have only seen in the movies...a young boy about the age of 2 or standing next to a vixen of a manikin...she is "dressed" in black see through "bra", small unders (as we call them in the Byler house...the word "panties" makes me squirm a bit) and stockings...all black of course to match...(did I mention she was like 6 feet and perfectly proportioned...I am sure my hubby would argue against that...right babe!) and this little guy someday a young standing at her knees caressing her legs and walking around her like a masterpiece...I didn't see a mom around (probably head first in the semi-annual sale...which I tried to take part in...but too much crazy in the air and I had to leave before I was too was engulfed by its sale crazed power) and this boy was getting quite the anatomy lesson...I couldn't help to think of the movie Christmas Story...and the power the leg lamp had on an entire family!

If you are interested in leg purchases I have made your shopping easy:

Now, let me be fair...on the way out of JCPenny, Marshall noticed a male manikin that seemed to be extremely cold through his thick sweater...i better filter myself

....enjoy the warm neighbor is wanting us to take our lights down before Valentines maybe I will have a funny story of Marshall falling off the roof tomorrow!


Household Executive said...

I LOVE that you added the link for the legs...I will have to order one of those! jk

CrazyDeb said...

My grandmother died years ago when I was young and thin and wore hose. At the visitation I was sitting in the funeral home office talking to the owner and his little boy (maybe 2 or 3 yrs old) sat on the floor and rubbed my legs. He had never felt hose before. It was so funny. You just have a way of bringing back my memories!

Stacey Ann said...

I MISS shopping with you!!! And I MISS getting cookies while shopping with you! :)