Tuesday, January 22, 2008


So, I have been a "single" wife for awhile (haven't seen hubby for a week and half). MB is in STL for the second week in a row...he had the computer for the first week...home alone and computer less is painful! I just got back from a ski trip to Colorado with the youth group. Every time I go I get altitude tooties....or what I call...altitooties. I found this website and thought some of the cards were pretty funny...some are inapprop though..so don't blame me! Heading up to STL to see MB tonight and then he will be home Friday till Sunday. I am ready for a real work schedule to start and our "normal" routine to take hold! Have a great Tuesday!!


CrazyDeb said...

I've missed your blogging! Umm, didn't I see your hubby at church on Sunday? Have I really seen him since you have? Hope you all had a fun time in Colorado and glad you are home safe and sound.

Household Executive said...

glad you are back in the blogging world!

Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

I hear you.
I grew up in Colorado, for the most part, and climbed a few high mountains with my dad. I never did get used to it and got the "altitooties" every time.

I climbed a 14,000+ ft mountain in California just a few years ago and it still put me away.

Nowadays, I feel that those Colorado Mountains are more fun to look at than to climb.


EE said...

I get the "altitooies" at our current attitude:o
I can definitely work the table on Saturday night...when should I be there?

LaurieJo said...

No pressure, but I've posted ten times since this one. What's going on?

EE said...

Where are you???