Sunday, December 30, 2007

Time is now

So the time has come for me to post another! My husband likes to remind me every morning that I haven't blogged in awhile. To appease my man and the crowds of people shouting out my window for it is!
We had a very busy Christmas...lots of traveling...lots of families/friends to visit...and lots of fun! One of my gifts this year was a pair of ug boots...too bad they were two right feet. Marshall and I went to the mall the day after Christmas...yikes!
Marshall got a new game from my bro this year called "Playground" for the wii. It has been so much fun watching him duck, dive and dodge on the Dodgeball section of the game. The playground game is filled with all games we have played on the playground at school (tetherball, wallball, dart guns, paper airplanes etc) We can't wait for championship round tonight. Girls vs. should be entertaining! Ok, well I am not going to edit this bad boy or even read it over...just posting to get the stress of blogging out of the way! ;)

p.s. SOo much fun to read all of the dream jobs everyone had! I wish there was an easy way to respond to all of the fun and unique ideas everyone had! Now for my next question: Do you have any unique family traditions? My family on Easter will make bunny holes out of clothes so the Easter bunny can bury in and give great gifts...i just made up the explaination...but it is a fun tradition to run upstairs and find clothes that make the biggest and best hole! Have a warm Sunday!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Secret Dream Job

Do you ever get done watching a movie and find yourself laying in bed dreaming about being an actress? Or maybe it is smelling fresh snow and find yourself in a different world...
Well, have you ever thought about your secret dream job. The job I have always wanted is to be a mom, but I have a secret. I love watching plays and if I had been given the gift of a wonderful singer, my secret dream job is being on Broadway or SNL. That's right, I am a closet drama girl!
I often place myself on stage as my life is being unfolded through song...One night Marshall and I got tickled by only communicating through singing...that was also inspired by the Catholic wedding we had attended earlier that day...but for one afternoon...I was Aida. (My favorite play!)

Now you may ask yourself...well Lynne if you have a secret dream job, what is your husbands? Well, my dear friends, Marshall would like to be a race car driver. However, he does not enjoy watching NASCAR.

So, what would be your secret job?
Please note that this doesn't mean that you do not enjoy your job!

Saturday, December 15, 2007


So...I always thought I had a good bit of techno-smarts...and now blogging has helped me realize that I am um....dumb! I can't seem to figure things out quickly and keep pushing the same buttons. Oh well with time I will get better!

It seems like everyday my husband says a phrase that cracks me up! This morning he showered and got dressed (I had to make that very clear for you perverts out or household) while I am still laying in bed praying that my stomach will eventually get back to normal so I can actually eat like a human...anyhoo...he lays down and give me a huge hug and says," Babe, thanks for the hair hearts on the wall!" That's husband appreciated the hearts I made out of the many hairs that fall out of my head in the shower! He said the heart with an arrow in the middle was his favorite! Maybe when he gets home I will have him take a picture so you too can be admiring my work!

p.s. would anyone be so kind as to teach me how to search for other blogs of people I know?
Thankful Thought: Marshall and I bought a wonderfully warm house last Feb. and we have such fun next door neighbors! We feel very thankful to have such a young, fun and normal family that we now consider our friends. They borrowed our snow shovel this morning...that always makes me smile tons to know I may have something that could be helpful to someone else...even if it may be something as simple as a snow shovel (that was left at our house by the previous owners =) )

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Well, I have said to myself I will only use this blog if I can always find something throughout the day to be thankful about.
I am so lucky to have the husband that I do! I am thankful for you MB!
Soo...tonight...I am in search of my Husbands Title.
I have been sick for about two days now and my husband is so fearless when it comes to something attacking his white blood cells. FM?
While I was "out", he got his big break on stage...maybe it is GPH?

Maybe it is my 1030M? tee hee Householdexec.
I like putting in these little letters and see if you can figure it out....ok here is going to be a tough one: