Sunday, December 30, 2007

Time is now

So the time has come for me to post another! My husband likes to remind me every morning that I haven't blogged in awhile. To appease my man and the crowds of people shouting out my window for it is!
We had a very busy Christmas...lots of traveling...lots of families/friends to visit...and lots of fun! One of my gifts this year was a pair of ug boots...too bad they were two right feet. Marshall and I went to the mall the day after Christmas...yikes!
Marshall got a new game from my bro this year called "Playground" for the wii. It has been so much fun watching him duck, dive and dodge on the Dodgeball section of the game. The playground game is filled with all games we have played on the playground at school (tetherball, wallball, dart guns, paper airplanes etc) We can't wait for championship round tonight. Girls vs. should be entertaining! Ok, well I am not going to edit this bad boy or even read it over...just posting to get the stress of blogging out of the way! ;)

p.s. SOo much fun to read all of the dream jobs everyone had! I wish there was an easy way to respond to all of the fun and unique ideas everyone had! Now for my next question: Do you have any unique family traditions? My family on Easter will make bunny holes out of clothes so the Easter bunny can bury in and give great gifts...i just made up the explaination...but it is a fun tradition to run upstairs and find clothes that make the biggest and best hole! Have a warm Sunday!


CrazyDeb said...

Ah, one should never post a blog just for the sake of posting because people are on to you. I've resisted reminding you how long it's been. :o) I blogged on MySpace about a family tradition we used to have. When Dad worked at the post office we would open our gifts on Christmas morning then he would go to the post office and deliver all packages that had come in on the late night Christmas Eve mail truck. It all started one year when he felt a need to do that and delivered 2 boxes to a family. The mother cried and the father said their whole Christmas for their 2 boys was in those boxes. The boys still call Dad Santa some 50 years or so later. Now that he's retired and having health problems it's one very vidid memory for him. It makes me want to be purposeful in 2008 in making loving and kind memories to remember when I'm 80. :o) Happy New Year Byler Babe - and to hubby, too!!

Household Executive said...

glad to see you are back in the blogging world!

EE said...

We got the Wii for Christmas. I want to try out your new game!
I could totally kick your butt at tennis. I challenge you to a match!

What's up with the bunny holes? I don't get it. :)