Saturday, December 15, 2007


So...I always thought I had a good bit of techno-smarts...and now blogging has helped me realize that I am um....dumb! I can't seem to figure things out quickly and keep pushing the same buttons. Oh well with time I will get better!

It seems like everyday my husband says a phrase that cracks me up! This morning he showered and got dressed (I had to make that very clear for you perverts out or household) while I am still laying in bed praying that my stomach will eventually get back to normal so I can actually eat like a human...anyhoo...he lays down and give me a huge hug and says," Babe, thanks for the hair hearts on the wall!" That's husband appreciated the hearts I made out of the many hairs that fall out of my head in the shower! He said the heart with an arrow in the middle was his favorite! Maybe when he gets home I will have him take a picture so you too can be admiring my work!

p.s. would anyone be so kind as to teach me how to search for other blogs of people I know?
Thankful Thought: Marshall and I bought a wonderfully warm house last Feb. and we have such fun next door neighbors! We feel very thankful to have such a young, fun and normal family that we now consider our friends. They borrowed our snow shovel this morning...that always makes me smile tons to know I may have something that could be helpful to someone else...even if it may be something as simple as a snow shovel (that was left at our house by the previous owners =) )


CrazyDeb said...

Hey Byler Babe - hope you're feeling much better by now!

The way I found your blog - and most that I read - is from other people's blog. Found your's through Household Executive's.

Love reading blogs and, unfortunately, for the bloggers, like to leave comments as well. :o)

Household Executive said...

Okay, love 1030M comment to you. Do you seriously do that with your hair...that is too funny! Only you! :)

Bizzie B said...

I love the hair hearts...that's too funny! Weird that I found you through Household Executive's blog...small world! Hope all is well with you! =)

EE said...

LOL! You guys totally crack me up...and freak me out!!!!
Where's your Wordless Wednesday post???? It's a blog must!!