Thursday, December 13, 2007


Well, I have said to myself I will only use this blog if I can always find something throughout the day to be thankful about.
I am so lucky to have the husband that I do! I am thankful for you MB!
Soo...tonight...I am in search of my Husbands Title.
I have been sick for about two days now and my husband is so fearless when it comes to something attacking his white blood cells. FM?
While I was "out", he got his big break on stage...maybe it is GPH?

Maybe it is my 1030M? tee hee Householdexec.
I like putting in these little letters and see if you can figure it out....ok here is going to be a tough one:


CrazyDeb said...

Oh you should have been there! He was SO good on stage! I love it that Rod can get so creative in his ending of a service and that people like your husband cooperate!

Hope you're feeling better!
Debbie (from the Info Center at Woodcrest)

EE said...

OK BB...Why are you hiding the blog from me???????????
I got to see your hubby on Wednesday...there was a group of girls that they had to hold back from storming the stage!
Just heard that there is an opening in JC. Tell hubby.